Plans for 2024

What are my plans in photography for 2024 and beyond?

When (please God) I pass my Full UK motorcycle licence on 21st Dec 2023, it will kick off plans I have been brewing up to share many “PhotoMoto” (photography adventures on my motorbike) journeys with you here and on my YouTube Channel.

Ultimately my PhotoMoto’ s will culminate in a European adventure to Lisbon and if that wets my appetite, maybe much much further afield.

Training for Lisbon.

Counter to popular belief, I am not stupid. I understand that I need to train up for a journey of over 1000 miles and learn not just how to handle my new motorbike but also recording, editing and photographing my journeys to deliver videos you hopefully find entertaining.

So to achieve this, I will be making a series of “PhotoMoto Journeys in a Day”.

This is where I travel upto 100 miles from Northolt, where I live, to places of which you might recognize but also some you might not, taking photos on film and digital of any interesting things I find along the way.

The added “trick” as it were is to do these all on our A and B roads, not motorways. This should give ample chances to stop and grab any and all vistas and targets of interest as a wiggle my way through the minor roads of the UK to my chosen destination.

Once I feel I, and maybe you, have had enough of 100 miles I will then boost that target upto 250 miles, still aiming to achieve the out and return in a day. 500 miles in a day.

500 Miles in a day is my target and key to the Lisbon trip

With that in mind, once I get Motorbike fit and can do 500 miles in a day, I have a special test of myself and my motorbike to pass to then put the Lisbon road trip into action.

Namely doing the North Coast 500 around Scotland in one day.

My Motorbike

When (please God) I pass my test on 21st Dec 2023, I will trade in my wonderful CB125F, a bike I highly recommend for anyone to learn on, for the stunning CB500F.

The one I have bought is the 2022 model with just 680 miles on the clock, so first service and run in done.

The previous owner has left the top box bracket for the CB500F on so swapping my Givi box over will be straight forward.

I will see how my self training goes on my various UK based “PhotoMoto” journeys, but in my mind, I might upgrade the CB500F to the NT1100 if the Lisbon journey is a goer or do Lisbon on the CB500F to finish off the “PhotoMoto” project I have outlined here.

Then what will I do?

Who knows, but whatever it is at that time it will be only limited by my wallet and imagination.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and keep up to date with how I am doing. Your support is appreciated.

I wish you well and safe jouneys

DC x

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