Unforgettable Day at Clothall Common Baldock: Poppies and Homemade Cakes

Mrs C and I went on a surprise trip to see a poppy field in full bloom.

She got a heads-up via a facebook group that gives out shouts for anything special happening in and around London.

This was outside London but not too far, Clothall Common Baldock.

Tapp’s garden center is across the road and we both highly recommend you visit the cafe.

The young lady there makes homemade cakes and the Ginger scones with butter and honey are in a league of their own.

We then nipped across the road and had a great time taking these images of a massive field of Poppies.

Whilst shooting these photographs we met a nice chap who was getting used to his new DJI Maverick 2 drone.

It had to land due to the battery nearly giving up and as it did I had a go of capturing it in flight in front of me.

The settings for the Hasselblad 907x with 45mm lens were iso 200, 1/350, and f/4.8 as per the metadata in the raw file.

Not too shabby if I say so myself especially handheld with the stabilisation in the lens or camera body.

Tomorrow, 22.06.2024, I am off to Margate again but this time to take images of the many scooters that will be there for the Margate Scooter Rally.

A video and post will be popped up as soon as I can.

A very nice day was had by Mrs C and I and now we have a couple of places to revisit very shortly.

Wishing you well

DC x

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