Selling all my camera gear…

bar one.

There is a high chance that very soon I will be selling all my film and digital camera gear bar one.

Which one will I be keeping?

As many of you know I have 2 Hasselblad 500 c/m setups, one being a backup, and shoot many rolls of film using it and always will.

But recently I bought, not cheap either, a used but in excellent condition the 907x Hasselblad.


I wanted to do what other 500 series users have done and combine the gorgeous look of the analog setup, ie everything but the film back, and use the CFV II 50c back as the digital store of the images I take.

Maybe you have guessed already that I am keeping the Hasselblad’s, now 3, and combining analog with digital going forward.

Does this mean I no longer shoot film?

Not at all. On good light days, a back will be slipped on in place of the CFV back and film will be used to capture a film copy of the digital image. I see it as the digital image being a backup for the film.

I also scan all my negatives which is basically turning the film neg into a digital file, so adding the excellent digital back as cutting those steps out if needed.

I admit….

that running around with the 500 c/m and new digital back with any lens other than the stock 80mm makes it “tricky” to get shake-free images as no IBIS stabilization is available.

This means I have to use whatever I have to hand or that is around me, to rest the camera on and take the shot. Old School.

I am testing out some tripods to see which suit the needs I have & I have already ruled out a monopod, to be unstable for this setup.

A few days ago MRS C, one of my daughters, and I went to Oxford and I took the shots below. Not to shabby for a first go with this setup and it was easy to use and get used to.

The editing was incredibly light and mainly played with adjusting from colour to monochrome which I think has come out well.

I have some run-outs planned on my NC750x and this new photography setup is going to add just that little bit extra I look forward to sharing with you soon.

DC x

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