2023 – the year of themed projects

I have spent the last two and half years since lockdown killed my drumming career, thankfully restarted end of 2022, learning the rudiments of photography.

Film photography, the taking, developing and wet printing my negs, has shown itself as the path my journey in photography wants to travel.

Yes digital is there for me, but the creativity of film is the thing that feeds my interest.

For 2.5 years or so I have snapped anything and everything. Out and about wherever I go and in my studio doing product based shots.

But I’m clearing the decks. Literally.

I am archiving to a new hdd all my past files and packing away all my negatives, bar one, and starting over but now with a toolset those thousands of digital and film files have given me.

Themed projects and stories.

2023 and onwards is going to be creating less but better in my opinion.

Picking a subject, any subject, and working that subject until I have taken all the pictures I can to tell that story in full. All the detail to share with you.

I have about 10 potential projects to start my new path on.

Successes or failures will not be the point.

Learning and telling new stories.

All of which will be posted here, sharing my thoughts and results of which I really do hope you will comment on and critique.

I’m excited, enthused, and gaining the drum seat in a new band has fired up my sprit in a great way and sharing all of this with you for me will be fun.

I hope you enjoy it also.

DC x

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