Hi, just in case you have not guessed my name is Dave & you are very welcome to my place on the web.

I shoot photography stories in and around West London in the main.

Sometimes I hop on my Eskuta and shoot videos of what I find on my travels to add a bit of variety.

I can get all organized and plan a trip on my Eskuta to a specific area to photograph and video these adventures to be enjoyed on the videos page.

eskuta sx-250 III

My camera armory is varied ranging from a Ricoh GR3 to a Canon R6 for digital and Fuji GSW690III and more for film.

For those who are interested my full set of photographic weapons, they are as follows

1. Canon EOS1n 35mm
2. Canon EOS1V HS 35mm
3. Yashica 124G 6×6 120 Medium format
4. Rolleiflex 35c 6×6 120 Medium format
5. Bronicas GS-1 6×7, ETRSi 6×45 & SQ-A 6×6 120 Medium format
6. Fuji GSW 690 III 6×9 120 Medium format

1. Ricoh G3
2. Canon R6

A passion of mine is developing my own films in my shed & this I manage either manually via many Paterson tanks or with the aid of my recently purchased Jobo CPE3 with lift.

Prints are made either via my enlarger to “wet” paper print or via my Canon P300 colour printer making up to A3+ colour and blank and white prints.

I am also commissioned for commercial work but mainly I love exploring the photographic art form, seeing what I can do, and sometimes cant, along my journey.

The Gallery here is sectioned off into sub categories which I hope makes it easier to hone into a photographic style that I have ventured into to capturing & sharing here what I find along the way.

My gallery is updated on a regular basis & I hope you will find the time to pop back and see what I have been taking pictures of.