The first question I will always ask you is what is your budget for creating images for your project.

The second is how many finished images* will you need delivered for your budget.

*finished images : this can be unedited out of camera raws (see licensing below) or partially edited raws ready for your team to finish in-house .(see licensing below)

In Studio Tariff

Per day (8am-5pm) studio shoot (no edits)£700
Per hour over time shoot£100
Raw edits & delivery per day (8am-5pm)£700

Client site Tariff

Per day (8am-5pm) client site shoot (no edits)£1000
Per hour over time shoot£150
Raw edits & delivery per day (8am-5pm)£700
Travel to and from site£0.75p per mile
Expenses like over night & stay sustenance by mutual agreement & client cost

Product stylist, make up artists, fee and expenses, if needed, to be agreed pre shoot.

Image Licensing

Copyright to all images is held by Dave Carrera and or the company and below is the tariff applied to each image used for all and any global on and offline usage.

Image countFee
1 image global usage online and print £350
2-5 images global usage online and print per image£300
6-10 images global usage online and print per image£250
11+ by agreement