The Nifty Trio

With the new Canon RF mount and the release of the RF 16mm we now have a cools set of Streetwise Lenses that are budget friendly which I call the “Nifty Trio”.

The Nifty Trio
The three streetwise players are the RF 16mm, RF 35mm and the RF 50mm.

This set of budget friendly primes give all you need to get creative out on the street, even when the sun goes down, and give you options while videoing your inserts for your street photography YouTube videos.

All are so light it makes sense to load your messenger bag or small rucksack up with all three and go have a cracking street photography session on a R, R6 or R5 body.

All three would also put up a good show for land and city scape image grabbers.

The Nifty Trio. Your budget buddies you can rely on.