INNOVV K7 added to my NC750X

Just installed the Innovv K7 dashcam system to my Honda NC750X & I am glad I did.

It took me a bit longer than I thought but most of that was down to me figuring out where and how to place the cameras, recorder and run the cables through the motorbike.

I settled on the rear camera going to the left underneath, as you look at it, of my Givi top box plate and used one of the give bolts as the mounting point for the Innovv supplied L bracket.

The front was trickier.

I might be chopping in the 2024 NC750X for the NT1100, maybe, so I did not want to start drilling holes in the plastics to fit the front camera.

The nose of the NC750X offers three options.

Two need a hole to be drilled and secure the camera via the supplied nuts, you mount the camera either on top or under the flat part of the nose or you can do what I did.

Innovv supply a few 3M glue patches, which are used on many things needing a secure fix, so I plumbed for that and have mounted it under the front nose with the 3M glue patches.


I’m no electrician but have dabbled quiet a bit with 12v electrics on the bike and my solar setup for my shed.

I had also previously added the Thunderbox to my bike to wire in the phone charger which left me ample spare sockets to wire in the Innovv K7, and I am please I did.

After loosening the NC750X side panel to gain access to the Thunderbox power sockets, and to feed the front camera cable to the “Frunk” (the storage box on the NC750X where normally the petrol tank is), I did a quick wire up of the two cameras and power to check it was working.


Damn have I bought a dud ?

No life at all so added the remote to get a visual of the state of the K7, if any, and still nothing.

Did I have the positive and earth round the wrong way?


I must admit I got a bit deflated at this point until something in my head said that maybe the K7 needs / relies on the Yellow ignition power to work.

Now I’m buggered if I’m going to splice in a cable on a bike I might, I say might, chop in soon, so surmised that as it is just another power lead, but in yellow, maybe adding it to the + side of the Thunderbox would work.

The Thunderbox stops power until the bike is on and running.

BOOM its working.

The LED’s came alive and told me that it was recording.

Finishing off the cabling was simple. I kept the Mic off as I did not need that but added the GPS which I mounted via some Velcro I have in my Garage behind the front panel.

Cable tied up the cables and then downloaded the Innoovv app to check the alignment of the cameras.

Really easy and intuitive app the guys at Innovv have made.

The rear camera was basically doing exactly what I hoped for but the front was upside down lol.

So with a bit of faffing around I got it showing be the world the right way up and as todays ride to work is the first day of testing, I am sure, unless I am lucky, that a little adjustment here and there will be needed before the setup delivers what I hoped it would.

I have housed the recorder to the inside of the “Frunk” and with he memory card slot facing up towards me, as I feel downloading via my PC and working on the files will be easier using the micro SD card rather than downloading via the wireless connect on my phone.

Although downloading to the phone is really really quick. I was suppressed how fast my 3 min test file loaded to the phone.

But my workflow will be best served popping the card out and working with that on my PC.

Memory cards.

I bought via the Innovv website a 512gb card they offer to go with the K7 but I have also bought a 32gb micro SD card as well.

The small 32gb card will be used to update the firmware, which I am led to believe is updated often by Innovv, as that is the maximum size of card you can use for firmware updates.

I’m writing this before work starts so have no sample footage yet but when I get home I will pop a minutes sample here for you to see the 2k + 2k footage the Innovv K7 delivers.

My hopes?

Recently I have noticed that working with the Insta 360 x3 as my only source of video, all though very good, is limiting and the conversion process from Insta files to useable MP4 files takes a long time.

My hope is that the Innovv will supply the front and read shots and I can then splice short Insta 360 clips on top the enforce a moment. We shall see how that pans out.

Sample footage to come later today 10.07.2024

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