Hasselblad 907x – Micro Review

No, I am not using the Hasselblad 907x for macro photography, yet, but here I give my opinion about this camera since buying it a few weeks ago,

Had to check my invoices from Park Cameras for the actual date I bout my 907x.

7th May 2024 and arrived a day later.

Mine is the last version before the release of the recent 100, the 50 II c, but boy Is it good or what….

I have used it on a few trips recently and yes I was worried about no IBIS or stabilization of any kind, but I need not of been concerned.

I own the 45mm f/4 lens so I set the ISO to AUTO, shutter to above double the lens size, so 1/90 upwards. The more the merrier if you can get away with it.

For the Sccoter show inside, I did drop the shutter very low, I think the lowest was 1/15, but as you can see I got away with it.

The Poppy and Purple field shots got my photographic juices going so off I went to Box Hill, a favorite place to ride out on the NC750x, packing the 907x, and shooting the landscapes on a sunny day.

If you were sitting at my computer first I would ask who let you into my house and second, you would see the extraordinary detail stored in the 100mb files this camera gives you (RAW).

All of the pictures, and I promise you I am not telling any fibs, have had no sharpening, which is extraordinary for a non-IBIS camera and lens.

Yes, I know my skills have increased over the last few years and I know how to shoot sharp images without the gadgets built into today’s kit, but if you could see what I see in on my screen you too would be blown away.

That’s it for now, I did say it was a micro review, but I am sure you get the idea.

If you can stretch your budget then you will not be disappointed.

Took me 2 years to hit the buy button as I could not justify the price and I was scared of the lack of IBIS, but boy am I glad I did.

Above all, regardless of the camera you use, keep taking pictures of everything and anything and you will find your way of making your voice heard in our wonderful craft of photography.

I wish you well


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