MotoCoverz Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Covers Real-World Review

I love my Honda NC750X but it has one issue that my butt needs fixing asap

The seat and my left buttock got angry with each other and my butt cheek is always the looser.

If anyone in Honda is reading this then please for the love of all motorcyclists butts globally, work on the comfort factor of your seats please.

Anyhoos, after trying various ways to soften the blow I stumbled across MotoCoverz who make sheepskin covers for all makes and models of motorbikes at what I consider very reasonable prices.

Matt who owns the business is really helpful in getting to you the right cover for you and your bike, something I took advantage of when I ordered my second cover.

For this real-world review, I wanted to use my own money so not to be swayed in anyway, as I am going off the obvious YouTube product plants singing of the same song sheet, only having used an item for a day or two.

My review is going to be through hundreds of miles and many hours in the saddle.

I used the short haired version I bought first on the recent Daves Day 600 mile round trip and the comfort was really well appreciated.

Sheepskin covers are said to keep you warm in the cold and cooler in the warm along with added comfort.

I can vouch for this in all areas.

The 600 mile trip did take its toll on my butt, this would be true for any long run, but the comfort over the bare seat was remarkable.

Definitely kept my lower regions cool on what was a really nice day weather wise, so top marks.

I asked Matt if I could order the long haired version, to get an idea of the difference, but could he add 10 cm to the length as I wanted the new one to go up the join between the two seats and a bit further up the fuel tank.

This was no problem and a delivery notification reached me as I sat down to my beer and meal at the end of the Dave’s Day run.

To test the long haired “custom” version, I kept a beady eye on the weather for Margate, a 200+ mile round trip I was planning to do, I thought this would be a great test for the new sheepskin cover.

Worryingly the weather looked bad for the event I was planning to go photograph, a good old Mod Scooter run to Margate, but to my joy a few days before the Saturday I had planned to go the weather app gave sunny weather, for the most part, so off I went.

For the fellow photographers out there, I used this also to test out my new Hasselblad 907x with 45mm lens, more about that later.

I went, I saw but my butt was not….

Happily I can confirm that the 200+ mile trip did not leave me with a sore butt and was comfortable.

Not as comfortable as lounging on my Chesterfield settee, but no bike will every give you that, not far off and a massive improvement on the stock seat.

Well done MotoCoverz, Matt and the team over there.

The sheepskin not only looks nice it feels nice to.

Keeps the temperature nice and even in all the right places and adds comfort to a seat that Honda should really sort out asap.

I was considering upgrading my NC750x to a bike with better seat comfort out the box, but now I do not need to and I am planning more 200 to 300 mile trips with confidence that my butt will not hate me for a few days after.

I am not endorsed by MotoCoverz and this review is of the items I purchased using my own money and is made up of my real world experience.

Visit and talk to the guy’s at to see how they can make your long journeys more enjoyable and comfortable.

Wishing you well and safe riding


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