Margate Motorcycling Past: Vintage Scooter Rally and Coastal Charm

A chance to revisit Margate, have a coffee and sandwich at the Margate Coffee Shed and venture back into my motorcycling past.

What’s not to like?

The early 80’s was the last time I smartened up in my suit, polished my shoes, and had my Lambretta LI 125 cruise me into a scooter rally.

I did feel a bit odd going to the rally on my NC750x but I was pleased to see other non-scooters parked up and their owners, like me, admiring the vast array of scooters from across the UK and Europe.

I would say that on the day I went there were about 2 to 300 in attendance which is not a bad turnout for vehicles that in some cases are older than me.

Had some cool and friendly chats with many owners which made me regret selling my scooters back in the day.

Some of these gems can cost over £10,000 and more for the right models in excellent condition.

A collection of stunning vintage and customer scooters was on show in the Dreamland venue so obviously I had to go and look.

Stunning works of art were presented for all of us to enjoy.

I had a great few hours photographing the scooters and reminiscing about when I also enjoyed the journey to meet up with friends at various rallies across the UK.

The day was also a wonderful test of the Hasselblad 907x with a 45mm lens whose files allowed me to capture the images in various situations.

Not one image needed sharpening and some were cropped for the “dave” background I use and white balance adjustment (auto).

I am starting to enjoy using the 907x in situations that do not require ultra-fast shutter speeds, which for me is most cases.

The Canon R6 is slowly becoming redundant.

Thank you Margate and everyone on the Scooter Rally I met and had many laughs with.

See you again soon at another rally.

Wishing you well


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