NC750x updates and upgrades

Hello again,

3 weeks of ownership, 1000+ miles clocked and first service down, I thought now would be a good time to share my thoughts on the NC750x.

How has the new bike been over the 1000 miles?

The difference between the street demon that is the CB500F and the NC750x is like chalk and cheese.

The CB does what it was always designed to do and that is nip in and out of town traffic, nimbly and deftly, with its only pitfall being, due to its lack of weight, unstable on windy motorway riding.

The NC on the other hand pulls like a truck in all gears and is planted on windy motorways and can still whip up a turn of speed if needed but not as quickly as the CB.

I need the later for now and if I could garage two, or more, bikes then I would still own the CB for town and home county rides.

The party piece that is the NC “Frunk”, the 23 liter storage bay sited where the petrol tank would sit normally, is a good send. I singular stroke of genius from whoever at Honda thought of it.

Being a photographer, this easy to access storage is great for loading my camera for the day and grabbing it quickly when a shot is offered to me.

The low slung 750cc 58bhp engine and fuel tank being underneath, buries most of the weight of the bike down as low as it can be giving an incredibly stable riding experience in all weathers, and I have ridden in them all in the last few weeks.

But for me the NC has one issue that thankfully is easy to fix.

Like some NC owners but not all, the seat can be a bit hard on long runs. Its intended use.

My left butt cheek getting achy after about 70 to 100 miles in the saddle.

The fix is easy, quick and expertly solved buy the artisans of saddle sculpture at Sussex Motorcycles.

I go into some detail here in my latest video of which I offer for your enjoyment.

Problem with my new NC750x

After the seat was fixed I initially tested it by popping up to Rykas cafe at Box Hill, and 50 to 60 mile run.

My butt was stil a bit soar from the previous run down to Sussex Motorcycles and I still had some remnants of the butt ache at Rykas, not a lot but it was there.

After giving my bum a night to recover my next and subsequent rides, various saddle times notched up, have proven the investment in the skilled craftsmanship of the guys at SM was a wise one.

Not a single issue has been had since.

The seat height is a bit higher but nothing to drastic, they have added layers of memory foam to the saddle so this is to be expected.

I have also added the Givi touring windshield and yesterday the Give media bar that sits behind the shield for my phone (Google maps) and last but not least the Pyramid Motorcycle Accessories Rear Tidy to reduce the mud hitting the underside of the seat and read shock absorber.

Whilst at Sussex Motorcycles I took a picture of their two lovely dogs and some sheep in the field next-door & at Rykas some shots of some cool motorcycles.

These were shot using my Canon AE1 Program and Ilford FP4+ black and white film.

My new NC750x and I are really gelling and I am looking forward to sharing our adventures together, shooting the breeze and photography when we are out and about our great country.

I hope you will join me via here, my YouTube Channel and Instagram to see and experience what we get up to.

I wish you well and safe journeys and if you ride STAY UPRIGHT !!!

DC x

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