Triumph Speed 400?

My local Triumph dealer in Watford has the new Street 400 in as a demo bike so thought it would be rude not to pop along and take a look.

As many of you know, because I have mentioned it often enough, that I am taking my MOD 2 test Friday Feb 9th, so could not take the Speed 400 for a test ride.

The store is on one of the ways I can go home, so popping along to see what it was like to cock a leg over and get a stationary feel of the new motorcycle to grace our roads seem the order of the afternoon

I currently ride a wonderful Honda CB125F (2019) and my very first impressions on parking my rear on the Street 400 was how familiar it felt in its rider setup.

Handle bars are a bit wider, but that my be exaggerated by the bar end mirrors which are cool by the way.

The height and pedal placements felt just like my CB125F, very familiar and my feet fell straight into position.

The tank is better in that is is less obtrusive that the 125F meaning the 125’s tank raises upwards and the 400’s elegantly slopes away from your crouch and guides your eye into the new modern instrument panel.

The Speed 400 felt instantly familiar, so much so that if I had my full licence then I would of gone a stage further than laying down my holding deposit and fully bought it.

But Friday the 9th is but a few days a way, as the date of writing this post, so I will have to wait until I pass my test to finalize the payment on this bike.

But Dave you have already bought the Honda CB500F (2022), why this one as well?

This is true and recently I have been thinking about the usage case for the CB500F and I keep thinking it will be best as my reliable stead to get me to work and back. A commuter only ride.

I also have a growing YouTube channel, and yes I am aware that the following words could be taken as my feeble attempt at justifying a purchase, but I am convinced that the Triumph Speed 400 will fit perfectly with my film photography videos, traditional vibes that both share.

So I will be sharing the beauty of our great country, traveling 100% non motorway routes on the Speed 400 and going to work to pay for it all on the CB500F.

My last task is to convince Mrs. C that parking 2 motorbikes in our garage is ok 🙂

The time now is to get focused on passing my MOD 2 Friday Feb 9th which will allow me to live my new dreams.

UPDATE 04.03.24 : I passed my MOD 2 test and chopped my CB125F in for the CB500F (2022 model) I had already paid for and the dealer was storing for me.

The Street 400 will not be in my garage as I decided against it. For me it is to similar to the CB500F in that there is not enough “Classic” look to separate it from the CB500F for the sort of classic / vintage vibe I will be going for in my new videos.

I have been pondering this list of possible candidates.

  1. Vespa 300 GTS
  2. Lambretta 350 when its available
  3. Super Meteor 650
  4. Moto Guzzi v7 2022 model

Not sure yet which one so will take each for a test ride to see which feels and looks right for my needs and will report back here.

I wish you well and safe travels

DC x

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