MOD 1 Passed !

You might remember I failed my previous motorcycle MOD 1 test (here in the UK) for riding 5kph to slow in the last Hazard avoidance test.

Well no such problem yesterday, 23/11/2023.

I passed cleanly with 56kph on the Emergency stop and 52kph on the Hazard avoidance.

I am so chuffed I passed this time and I put this down to a combination of a few factors.

First buying the Honda CB125F (used) after failing the first time and second the excellent extra training I had with Brian via WLMT in Feltham, covering all parts of MOD 1 with a heavy focus on both left and right version of the Hazard avoidance.

Riding the Honda CB125F for the last 5 or 6 weeks (1400+ miles added) in rain, early low light conditions and every other kind of situation, boosted my motorcycle riding confidence, which showed in a positive way.

So what now?

Now I get booked up for the MOD 2 via a days training and the test, which is the live riding test on the UK roads.

Once I passed that I will have a Full, unrestricted UK Motorcycle licence and can if I wish, ride any motorbike legally on the UK roads.

I am but one step from journeying around the UK with my camera gear sharing the images I find on my travels.

Might even lead to journeys abroad but lets wait an see on that one.

First Big Bike?

Riding the Honda CB125F has made me realized that I really like the riding position and character of the bike so for me and what I want to do, I am now looking at the CB500F as my first big bike.

But first lets get the MOD 2 test nailed and let the fun begin.

I wish you well


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