GoPro 12 Black with Bluetooth Audio

Its early days, like 2 days in my hand, but here I give my first experience with the GoPro 12 Black and connecting my Sena Stryker Bluetooth to it to use my helmets built in microphone to give commentary on my photoride videos direct into the GoPro 12 via Bluetooth.

Setting up the GoPro is easy and making the connection to my Sena Stryker Helmet to the Phone Two channel was as described in the manual.

But I have a problem.

The Microphone on my new helmet was not working. I have though I had an issue before getting the GoPro 12 as I could not get “Ok Google” to work on my phone.

Luck for me I still have my LS2 helmet and the Sena SM5 attached so I linked that up and the microphone worked.

Pulling back the cheek padding on my Stryker revealed that the mic connection was loose so fixed that and boom, I can record my voice over commentary for my Videos straight to the GoPro 12 and early day results are very good indeed.

But, and there is always a but, I can not use any other Bluetooth device while I am using the Bluetooth on the GoPro 12.

So for now Google Maps and playing music is a no no until Sena or GoPro make a firmware update available.

Unless…… One of you clever guys now how to do it, but it stumped me for a few hours yesterday.

I tried the GoPro on all the 4 “media” channels but it only worked on “Phone 2”.

Used about 60% of the new “extra power” battery on my 1 hour ride into work today at 4k 30 fps and Bluetooth mic via my Sena Stryker Helmet.

So it can be done but at the moment either the GoPro 12 does not share Bluetooth well or the Sena Stryker helmet and I will post back if any updates make sharing the Bluetooth possible.

But for now I will need to plan my ride before I leave and hold off on music / Google Maps if I am videoing my photorides.

Stay and Ride Safe

DC x

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