Bill Troop’s TF-2 alkaline Fixer

Ideal for both film and paper fixing excepting flat grain films Kodak T-Max and Ilford’s Delta range

Sodium Thiosulphate (Crystals)250g or 14 x Tablespoons
or Sodium Thiosulphate (Anhyd)120g
Sodium Sulphite15g or 2 x Teaspoons
Sodium Metaborate10g or 2 Teaspoons

Use it straight as mixed at 20 degrees C.

Only keeps for about 1 month.

Fix film for 1 to 2 minutes and paper for 2 minutes.

Fixes about 10 to 20 films and 40 10×8 prints

Washes out really easy so a massive reduction in possible fix left behind and causing issues later.

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