Printing your photographs

Whether you took your images on a digital or film camera is academic, get into the habit of printing your best.

Personally I have seen a positive change in my image editing, mainly in the final brightness of an image but in other areas also, by printing my best shots.

I use a Canon P300 pigment ink printer and I have started to print what I believe to be my best shots on A3 Matt paper from Fotospeed (not affiliated in any way), I just like the guys there and there willingness to help, to keep a growing and evolving record of my photography progress.

Also, for the shots that on film, I have found away to fix the negative strip that contains the image printed, to the print where I can revisited the negative later if needed.

I have also started a simple code system to denote how the image was shot for historical referencing.

Simply, it is a “D” for digital and “F” for film in the lower left had corner of each print.

Unimaginative I know but sometimes the most effective things are.

I will be making videos to show my image editing, scanning film and printing workflows which might inspire or help you with printing your images, published on my YouTube channel so please do subscribe to be notified when I upload them.

The “Best of the Best” get printed on higher quality paper which is becoming my first pictorial memoir to be offered for sale, printed by me on order, when the page count hits 100.

Each “Best of the Best” will be signed and dated and in time will become a library of my path in photography that I share with you and my family.

Recently I really hit on the “focus” (sorry) of my photography and printing was a big part of that awakening and I am looking forward to my less manic and more fruitful photographic journey which I will share with you in the hope it inspires you.

Note on printers.

You can like me, spend a lot of money on your printer if you intend to print and supply high quality printed images to your customers, but if you just want to see how your images look on A4 or A3 papers, you can get a more budget friendly printer and let external print houses make the “posh” prints for you.

It will still achieve progress in your photography which is a good thing.

I wish you well

DC x

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