Settled !!!

After months of chopping and changing between the many cameras I own and various film stocks, I have settled on what I will be using going forward.

My new main project, that I detail on my Dave Carrera Website, has also led me to focus (pardon the pun) on the kit I enjoy using daily and the film stocks I get the results I need from.

Digital is still my Canon R6 and Ricoh GR3, and until they break, god forbid, I do not see an need to upgrade them as most of my work is film based.

Film is my passion, as you might of guessed, and after plenty of testing I have settled on these three films stock for all my film work going forward.

Colour film is Kodak’s Gold in 120 format with the odd 35mm roll (maybe)

Black and White film is Ilford Delta 100 and 400 films developed in D23.


I have sold all the other rolls of film I had and starting to slim down my film cameras to just the ones I use daily.

The cameras that are left being

  1. Hasselblad 500/cm with 80mm f/2.8 and 50mm f/4
  2. Bronica SQ and ETRSi (might be selling these)
  3. Canon EOS 1v HS 35 mm pro level film camera for EF lenses.
  4. Canon F1 for 35mm for scouting out locations and scenes to the bring the bigger / heavier cameras too.

I also have a Canon AE1 and AE1 Program for nostalgia but these two will mainly be shelf decoration and or with Kodak Gold 35mm rolls for light weight scouting and Holiday snaps.

I have flitted from one area to another in photographer, trying to find my voice within the many realms in our craft.

But finally I have settled down both in gear use, film choice and focus (pardon the pun) on what I want to shoot and share.

Going to off out over the next few months gaining my first 12 “new” images of which my journey I will share here, on my Instagram page and via videos on my YouTube Channel.

Hope you will spend some time with me on my journey and thank you for your on going support.

Kind regards

DC x

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