TMax 100 & HC-110

Rinse @20 degrees C for about 5 mins. Removes most halation layer dye
Dilution B (31ml developer 969mml water) 6mins. First 30ecs agitation then 5 secs every 30 seconds

note: If you use a jobo to dev 3 120 rolls then make another 500ml (half measures) and top up your jobo tank with about 2 to 300 ml for hand agitation. If using the JOBO CPE3 rotary then use amount stated on your container. also reduce dev time by 15% so 5mins 30 secs approx.

Stop bath 30 secs
Fix: I use Ilford Rapid fix @ 200ml + 800ml water (1:4) and for Kodak B&W films I fix for 7 mins.
Wash: Was very very well to remove any remaining halation dye and more importanly and fix left. I fill the tank and agitate for about 30 sec and dump the water twice then let the tap run slowly for about 5 mins and dump for 2 times
Last rinse is with filtered water, I live in London UK and our water is very hard with god only knows what chemicals in it.
Finally 10ml water aid to 1980ml filtered water for 1 min.
Squeeze of excess water between fingers and one or two light squeegee runs.
Hang to dry in a clean area. I have an air filter machine in my shed which seems to keep dust at bay.

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