Crawley FX-55

FX-55 Part A Stock

This is a long lasting concentrated stock. It is to be diluted 1+9 with water to make a working solution .
100mml Part A add 900ml water

When making this solution make sure you add each part in order as listed here and make sure each part is in full dilution before moving to the next.

Warm water700 ml
Potassium carbonate20g
Sodium bicarbonate1.5g
Sodium sulphite Anhyd.25g
Sodium metabisulphite12g
Water to make1 ltr

FX-55 Part B

To be added and dissolved just before use to the 1 Ltr of 10% working solution of Part A above.

Sodium ascorbate1.3g

Base timings @20 degrees are here and to be used as a starting point.

Pan F+7
DELTA 10010
DELTA 40012.5
DELTA 320012.5
Plus-X Pro8
T-Max 10013
T-Max 40014.5
T-Max 320017.5

I am still working on these so use as a starting point for your developments

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