A collection of apples red and glass.

Gear used
Canon R with RF 35mm lens
Westcott FJ 80 and FJ 400 strobe flashes
Mustard backing paper
Black Perspex (Flexi glass)
Glass jar, Apples, Water
Photoshop for editing.

I visit to buy and sometimes set up stall to sell at a local Car boot sale here in the UK.

Sunday 5th Dec 2021 I came across this glass bowl or jar shaped like an apple and immediately had a plethora of photography ideas whizz through my mind. Bought it straight away for £2.

Also I have been busy tidying up the Studio (shed), purchasing end cut offs of background papers to get back into product style photography during the wet winter months.

Apples and Mustard

So on a rainy Tuesday 7th Dec I started to format this Wet Glass Apples idea.

I was going to roll the Mustard background paper out to do that seamless background look but decided to make a mini stand using my Ikea small shelves and a piece of black Perspex to give a nice reflection to the shot.

Using the Westcott FJ 80 with the grill attachment, i placed it under the mini table I had built to add the splash of light on the background. A few test shots later and the background was dialed in.

The Westcott FJ 400 with a 30 degree grill and barn doors plus the diffuser from a Westcott 2 x1 soft box gave me the right amount of light to illuminate the rest of the image.

Adding Apple Flavour.

Time to add the Apples. Initially I set four apples in the main pyramid you can see dry with no water spray and the picture looked ok. But i felt it needed something else so using one of the mini spray bottles i have, I coated the Apples and the inside of the jar which gave a better shot.

Still I felt it needed something elese to balance it up. The addition of the front apple, sprayed with water as well, finished off the look. I had kept the outside of the jar dry and took shots of that but tried some with making the outside wet also, so the jar mimiced the real apples.

This is what I settled on.

The strobes set at about 2/3rds power, f/11, 1/200 shutter and ISO 100 to take the shots.

Two images were taken and used to make this image. One with the focus on the top apple in the jar and the second on the front apple on the mini table.

Photoshop (PS) time.

Using the last two focus adjusted images, I made a stack in PS and adding a mask, pulled the front focused apple through so that the full image was now in focus.

A quick crop and horizon straighten, was not off by much, 0.2 degrees, then stretching the side of the image out to finish the image off which is shown here.

A collection of apples red and glass.

I am really pleased how this came out and have a couple of other ideas to try in the coming days and look forward to sharing them with you here.

At the same stall at the car boot sale I bought a pair of Pears & am looking forward to doing something with those soon as well.

I wish you well

DC x